Westwood Tennis Booster Club

Support the Westwood tennis team!

Current Committees

We need volunteers to head up the following committees as well as volunteers to help out.

  • For any questions, please email the Booster Club at whstennisboosters@gmail.com
  • Please email Pavani at whstennisboosters@gmail.com if you can volunteer.
  • We are currently in need for a couple of parents from the JV team to help with buying/dropping off snacks for JV team matches

Important Information

The Westwood Tennis Booster Club provides support to all the Westwood Tennis teams and the coaches to make the program successful and the best in the school district. The Booster Club committee works to raise funds from membership and merchandise sales to provide valuable resources for our tennis facility and our players. In the past the funds have been used to provide for the shade structures outside our courts, viewing tower, ball machine, ice machine, storage shed and so on. All of these resources are heavily used by our students, coaches and parents and they are thankful for them. Booster Club volunteers also provide snacks and drinks for every team's match throughout the year. We collect funds for this upfront so that each student is ensured snacks and drinks at every single tournament.

We are working on making a shared Google folder for all parents to have access to relevant forms and to upload pictures from games and events throughout the year. We will post the link to it here soon.

2017-2018 Booster Club Officers President: Pavani Puppala Vice President: June Holder Treasurer: Radhika Jankay Secretary: Ruma Singh